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Hi…..I am Niharika Baruah(NB). I am a simple girl, who has a Travel Bug inside of her, which very often longs to go into the wilderness, far away from this maddening world, to explore new places, meet new people, indulge in succulent cuisines, and so on. This bug hit me when I very young…..I mean really young….may be 2-3 years old. I do not even remember. But I have faded memories of travelling with my parents all over India since that age. Of Course, now with cameras capturing everything that you have seen, memories become fresh and alive again. And now, being an independent individual, who is working away from home, I do miss my family. But I make out the time to enjoy my life, and never ever let that TRAVEL BUG die inside me. I love animals. Actually my whole family has a soft corner for all animals, starting from my granny, my uncles, my father. All harbor love specially for the felines. I am also a food freak. I would love to taste all different kinds of cuisines, if I ever get a chance to visit different countries.