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I am 5'11 " above earth, Scorpio is my Zodiac,Naturally cool, Apparently shy,Primarily introvert, Definitely smart, socially available,Currently mingled,Financially k, Actively lazy,Honestly honest, I hate people with over attitude because i don't need these I have enough :P So Lets talk simply, I am a cool Dude. Passionate about photography, Bird Watching , Traveling from top to bottom of India then through out world. Love being in nature and help peoples, So pursuing something different from my class mates i.e studied agriculture, Novice writer , Painter, Bird Watcher, Bike Rider, Traveller, Photography and love calligraphy. " Your brain is much more better than you think" -Leo de vinci. "Every time you think you know me I will prove you wrong " - Niraj :P I love friendship, talk and debate and learn....
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