Photo of Nirmohi Yatri

Nirmohi Yatri

location iconUdaipur, Rajasthan, India
Getting bored too early is a sign of enthusiastic people. I never found myself soaked into something more than usual. But life needs your due attention and its a life long process. Travelling never bored me, it made me to answer my boredom. I travel places to rejuvenate myself and come back home only to travel more. Home is my central station to pack my bags and pick myself up to see my face in the flowing water, to hear my voice echoed back from the mountains, to hear my body while hacking on a mountain and lastly to get a good sleep in the lap of mother nature. Everything you want is available out there for you, all you need is to get out of your comfort zone. I travel sans luxury and often I treat myself with luxury when needed. There is a celebrated thing- Around the World in 90 days. And I religiously follow; Around the World in my lifespan. I live- to work, to live by the Universe and to travel along the way as I age every day. Traveling is meditation for me, it's like my moving holy world. I found myself in the aisles of an unvisited city, resting under the tree of a dense forest, in the pebbles lying at river bed, in the coral's of the sea-line, in the falling stars of the sky and by the window of the room where I sit to plan a next voyage. Keep exploring.