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location iconBangalore, Karnataka, India
I am an avid traveler, hiker, yogini, long distance runner, author, and mom by passion and a software consultant by profession :) My profession enabled me to travel the world. I was totally loving it until.... I started traveling more within India. In contrast to the world travel, traveling within India was unique- every place had a different experience, it was loaded with history, culture, lakes, rivers, mountains and had something for everyone - and the best part is that it is so pocket friendly that you could travel for half the year and work the other half and still be good on balance! :D As years went by, my definition of travel has changed for sure. It is no longer a list of "Must see/do things" I put a tick mark against, but is more of experiences I feel! This website is a one-stop place I wanted to pen down all those wonderful experiences for my future generations and for people who can relate to it ! The blogs here would have a spiritual connect, explaining the heritage, culture and history of each place- thus connecting it to our roots. Happy reading ... :)