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location iconRanchi, Jharkhand, India
My name is Nishant Tripathi, I love communicating with people, listening and learning new stories and hence can create Graphics, illustration, and sketches out of it. Me, a person who didn't even know about normal words at his childhood, someone who chose to be the secretary of the Cultural club of the school because he was not at all interested in academics as bookish words were always hard to understand; Someone who started with acting, then music, then drama and amongst all those turmoil, found his real self in the Art. I generally believe in the Lines '' if you are normal, you are lifeless'' and to me, this belief is my truth. When I applied for Nift, I was nothing more than a shadow in the crowd of biology students dreaming to get an MBBS, but my AIR 18 gave me the direction I was striving for, a part of me that was unknown to me. NIFT sculpted and flourished that part of me; an artist who wanted to learn, to experience, to explore and to succeed.
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