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The Roving Man

location iconPune, Maharashtra, India
Hailing from a small city in India, I carry big dream to explore this so called One Big Rock, the Earth, probably beyond as well one day. I am software Engineer by profession, but bound inside the walls for limited hours a day doesn't seem my cup of tea. I am preparing myself to fly away and explore this planet. I have been to more than 37 diverse cities in my own country, India and was fortunate enough to travel couple of European countries including Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines in Southeast Asia. Those travel did only strengthen my thirst of travel more and explore more. And that's how I have decided to be a traveler, a full time one probably in near future. I am budding photographer as well and like click still photos, not having a professional is not stop sign for me so far. I am clicking pictures with my phone currently with a hope to get a raise in here as well. I would like to have any opinions, suggestions or advises, if you can give, to let me grow and be want I want.! ​Please connect with me on my social platforms to have a look on my work.