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Palak Nagpal

location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
My idea of travel is a slightly snarkier version of what Oscar Wilde had once popularly stated-“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” From my perspective, the realm of travel is utopia or a state of perfect happiness. Most of us would not concur with me on this. However, I affirm this notion not because it is pursued on the bed of roses or on the presumption that i am completely oblivious of what challenges and perils travellers have to go through to complete their journey but on the grounds of the intense gratification of the soul that it causes. Staunchly allying with the conception that Anita Desai had once proposed-“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”, and i believe in sticking together these petty portions to form a whole or a collage of experiences which further become who i am. Well, let’s not digress and talk about business now. My career ideal is to become a travel blogger or a reviewer for i believe that ‘writing and travel’ combined together as an art is not only a means of earning monetary benefit but also a significant way of ‘Catharsis’ for me. Travelling and Writing are exorbitantly enriching and enlightening experiences for me as they let me discover and unveil distinct aspects of my own persona and identity. Both these ventures embed profound aesthetic creativity and artistic scope in my personality thereby allowing me to formulate phenomenal snippets of art. Also, i would not forget to offer a strong commentary on how varied cultural distinctions and traditional values of different places induce in me a spirit to commemorate and conduct a distinguished favour towards such beautiful and conspicuous places in terms of my writing. Also, writing about exotic locations not only provides me an intrinsic pleasure of art but also offer these places an exquisite value which simultaneously satisfies their petition for recognition. As i read a very prominent work in the domain of travel,-“Heart Of Darkness” authored by Joseph Conrad, in this novel, except for an apparent journey to the obscurest spot in South Africa, Congo pursued by the protagonist, is a journey into his sub-conscious mind. Throughout his journey, he comes across the mysterious facets of his independent character which feature his split outlooks in every different situation. Therefore, according to me, when one premeditates to undertake a travelling venture, he/she not only analyses the location but also incorporates one’s own attitude into the fabric of a written piece.