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Pallavi Pratap Singh

location iconMumbai, Maharashtra, India
A techie, a daughter and an explorer. ~~~ Hi, you have reached an ardent adventurer's page. I love to explore every place I can and wander almost anywhere I can. I wish to see as many places as possible to live the lives the ancestral residents may have lived, to tell stories of the trips and whereabouts to my fellow friends and family. I am a sucker for historical places, not saying that I would be stuck in a museum when I plan a trip, but it's the ruins and majestic art forms which sway me. Be it the European streets and it's architecture or my country's unexplored and untold history of the small cities, I love them all. I'm a mountain gal any day and I try to go for a short trek or any hill station visit almost a year. If I could leave everything and stay somewhere else, I would definitely opt for a small home beside the mighty mountains with my mornings admiring the beauty they have to offer. I know I'm such a chatterbox, so I wouldn't say further. To know more about my trips and adventures, please give a read to my blogs or photo blogs. I would really appreciate that. Thank you 😊!