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location iconVadodara, Gujarat, India
I am Pankti Shah, a traveler by heart and an entrepreneur by passion. You can call me an avid speaker, a day-night dreamer, a keen writer and a passionate lover of Yoga. I'm a solo traveler luster and enjoy a life as a happy traveling soul.I love spreading smiles by my initiative, "Be Charitable"- it's an NGO which is providing education, life lessons to less privileged and working on breaking stereotypes from society. I'm an explorer! I love to taste different cultures. The places I visit are risked on my own and not paid by companies either. I’m a budget traveler, I prefer to sleep in budget hotels and hostels, travel by buses and taste local foods on the roadside!! + they have that authentic taste!! I share my experience here for my fellow travelers who fire up their pockets when travelling! If you are a traveler, looking out for genuine tips and tricks on budget travel, then you are the right place! Welcome to my Blog!
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