Photo of Pooja


I grew up in a traditional Gujurati family, spent most of my teenage years in Pune and then moved on to Mumbai for a job in branding and marketing. A girl who always lived with family, now had wings and wanted to fly. Mumbai, very close to my heart is where I started living independently, realising the world is beautiful and has so much to explore. Spent an entire year in this wonderful city exploring places around and pampering my taste buds to the goodness of some absolutely amazing food. Work opportunities and exchange programs took me to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok and that’s when I realised that my itchy feet crave to leave footprints over the globe. In 2012, I got married to my best friend knowing that I have found a partner in crime to satisfy my wanderlust. Goa, his favourite beach destination in India, became our second home. We go there almost every season and end up exploring places never seen before. And, of course Goan food! My current job gave me the opportunity to explore the exotic island of Bali and I can’t wait to explore more places. I use my allotted holiday leaves to travel solo, with friends or with my love. Thank you for stopping by!