Gurgaon, Haryana, India
The flashy crumbling streets of the city with its worn out modernity is forcing me to the peripheries again. i wish to relocate myself within the greens. wander around and discover another way of living, one that is not constricted within strict codes of conduct and plasticity. i travel around to gain and learn things from the edges when the city centres have been so conveniently hidden under job ads and massage parlour memos. Why i need to escape from Urban Waste? sick of this important city. people and their sordid routines. blue lines on the left. yellow on the right. fighting over numbers. shouting over fares. queue for railway. queue for the damn movies. the waiting. among people and their inane dailies. newspapers and their whore stories. blood shed over money. rats race for moved cheese. so much to be fed. so much for a night sleep. fake arcades of power. monuments of human error. and time holding fools in high strung. some collapse. some bear the pain. some with tea cups. some with shot guns to head. this important city. the beautiful Medusa kills all who looks to her face. cockroaches on the floor. silver candlesticks on the table.
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