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A Self Motivated Traveller . I Believe " Travelling Alone " is one thing that not only connects us to the outer world but also review our life's moral necessity and importance. India is such a Great Diverse country , Millions of life styles , Thousands of Culture and Practices , Hundreds of languages . Travelling alone has always let me know these variety of society in India different kind of people irrespective cast creed and culture. Yet One feel of being ... An Indian . And apart from this significance individually i feel always, if your are down morally and struck up in personal relations in life. Then get-on with " Lone -Travelling Mode " , it lets you know what you are between them and compare what you have is still a " dream of millions " . Like you there around Happiest of people , you will discover the need to stay happy. And Who knows ..... the Places and Nature or the People will find you the Best Peace and Happiness. Travelling Alone , is a Special hobby i admire this myself being it .