When i was 20,i wanted a rich man with whom i can get married and live a super luxurious life..when i turned 21 i was into my first relationship and i thought he is the perfect guy for me ( took a back seat) and we stared dreaming our lives together..when i turned 26 ,my status turned from "into relationship" to "currently single" and i thought its the end of my took me almost more than one year to get over it..then the search started and i started a diary that point of time i just wanted to be an indian wife who cooks for her husband,waits for him,plan to go out with him,someone to hold hand and someone to hug(all the typical wife thingi) and a normal life without the so called luxurious life and I started meeting people and today its almost more than 4years and everything i think do i really need i really need to putin to much of efforts..nah..The only thing which didn't change during the entire tenure is my love for traveluse to be a girl who never even dared tried to walk 2miles without anyone to a sole traveller..1998: a shy girl who use to get scare and cry 2015: a solo traveller,an immature photographer,a foodie and a total different personality and i am in love with my self Now i can plan trips and if someone needs help to explore india then they may contact
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