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Puja Sapien

location iconDelhi, India Hi I am Puja, I live in the capital of India, Delhi. I am Tiny winy girl with big heart and bigger smile. I am more of bubbly kind of a person who is mostly happy and keep the surroundings happy too with my poor jokes. ( not that poor though) I love traveling therefore I'm mostly hiking around the the foothills of Himalayas. When I'm in Delhi that's where my home is. I spend my time roaming around in markets and exploring a little history because I learnt nothing in collage when i was a history student, I believe in practicals more. I love this life and i enjoy it to the most. I work as a guide, online strategist and part-time photographer. I'm pretty crazy about the idea of travelling. I'm super passionate and curious about everything whether it is to meet new people, tasting different foods, making and making up some funny stories. I would better say I'm a passionate explorer. I love and enjoy roaming around with my camera and a diary and check mark my "bucket-list" and add something more everyday. So here I'm ready to be your best friend for a day or for as long as you wish to.I will try to keep you entertained all day while educating you about the rich history of my country and It's people. I would be sharing with you a lot of tips, tricks, hacks or whatever you call that will help you to survive in here and get the best out of my country. My mission is to be a little kind and also make someone smile everyday which will help a little to make the world a better place. Whether we meet or not I hope you have a wonderful experience here. Thank you for reading it till here. I love you. Keep Exploring Happy Journey!