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location iconFaridabad, Haryana, India
An Existentialist. An Iconoclast - Travelled extensively across India, Iceland and 6 other European countries. Engineering graduate by education, been serving in IT industry for 5 years, quit my full time job to pursue Masters in Management from IIM Lucknow. But i am a fitness enthusiast, adventure sports junkie, Mountaineer and traveller by lifestyle. I am always thriving to do more, see more and be more! while zeroing out on any destination I thouroughly check what all things a particular place has to offer to me. I firmly believe that visiting a place with "tourist" mindset spoils it. So I spend some time there doing various activities (hogging onto food, hiking, water sports, sightseeing, cycling, running, strolling etc.) to absorb into their own culture, i absolutely go there with a "traveler" mindset. Apart from travelling I enjoy reading, websurfing, youtubing, preparing itineraries, socialising, and volunteering while Following an active lifestyle making workout, running, weightlifting, dance, walking an essential part of my routine to keep myself fit for future travels and to keep feeding my aspirations of experiencing as much as i can! love to pen down my travel experiences by being a regular reviewer on tripadvisor and Google as it makes me feel that i am doing my bit to help the other travellers make better choices :) keep reading further to stay entertained, engaged, informed and benefitted!
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