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location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
Chix On Board, an idea, a community, especially designed for Women. We acknowledge and applaud the resourceful hardworking and yet elegant gorgeous women. We cater to women from different backgrounds with an array of lifestyles. The team strives to embrace this diversity and leverage it to provide a platform to such courageous women- be it a housewife or a student, a working women or a wanderer - to pamper themselves and enjoy exclusive tours by themselves. Take a break, ladies! Because you have definitely deserved it! To celebrate the women who walks with the universe on her shoulders and makes it look like a piece of cake, we offer rich tailor-made packages, vibrant group tours, opulent individual tours and various other scintillating travel experiences exclusively for women to make you feel relax, rejuvenate and enjoy being yourself. We take care of all the major and minor details, so just sit back and be #Tthetraveller.