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Radhika Bhargava

location iconSan Francisco, CA, United States
Love. Food. Art. Travel. Nature.Dance. Love To start with, I am a 23 year old girl who is very enthusiastic, loves sunsets, finds her faith in nature and her soul in the Earth , loves anything that is 100% cocoa, speaks the language of dance, loves roaming around random streets, is drawn towards water, strives to live a completely sustainable lifestyle, and is devoted towards food, exploration, and happiness. ​ I work full time as wonder women who is trying to protect all our natural resources, and those homo sapiens who care for the nature. In future, I plan to use remote sensing, machine learning, and community-based conservation to protect natural habitats and help local communities develop in a sustainable way. From my 23 years of learning, I have came to this conclusion that no matter what, our success, happiness, and development is always in our own hands. I believe in dreaming big and achieving those dreams by a positive and an optimistic approach filled with creativity.