My venture into Guiding Services. Well to answer this I need to rewind myself to the year 2004 when I joined the Guiding training programme conducted by The Government Of India,Ministry Of Tourism..A four months rigorous full time training imparted by field experts,Historians, Architects alike and all,followed by on site visit-training at the monuments in western region of India including Mumbai.After a written test was awarded a Licence to work as authorize freelance Tour-Guide for Western Region including Mumbai,Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh Gujarat,Goa, Chhattisgarh, Union territory of Daman,Diu, Dadra Nagar Haveli. My Licence # is : IT/Mum/263 It has been nearing 10 years more than 3000 tours catering to over 12000 satisfied overseas guests from almost all the countries around the world be it shore excursion for cruise ship or day tour for airplanes arriving passengers.A business or leisure travel, state dignitaries, head honchos,celebrity at times. Culinary to Culture, Market to Monuments Heritage to History,Temples to Tradition & even Bollywood many a times .FIT's & Small Medium & Large Groups. I am local being born brought up,bread & based in Mumbai.Know Mumbai inside out be its History,Geography,Culture,Custom,Tradition,Religion & Film industry,& Its Locations. A passionate traveler by self,history & ethnicity the subject of interest lover of art,culture,nature,eager to meet diverse people everyday from different parts of the world enrich them about My City,My Country to carry back home memories of a varied,vast experience of the place they visit and make a memorable one in turn make them happy on their way back home. I am Art & Law graduate from Mumbai University but love of history & culture has made me to pursue my most loved interest 'Travel'.Having myself traveled many a parts of the country and even overseas.Have at times escorted guests to various other places in India and have also been to South East Asian countries as Tour Manager to groups of travelers several times. I am Fluent in English(Acquired language),Gujarati(Mother tongue),Hindi(National language),Marathi(Regional language)& Basic Spanish(Foreign Language). Communication skills,extensive experience & in depth knowledge,blended with pleasing personality, patience & flexibility has carved out in me a professional which will surely make a great tour guide bidding guest Hasta la vista,Adios, Adieu, with a smile & seeing back big smiles ,happy & satisfied faces every time, all time.
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