New Delhi, Delhi, India
I can never get enough when it comes to travel, I love the exploration, the adventure, and sharing my experiences through photography. I was born in the place called karan bhumi “Karnal”, but after years of living in the concrete jungle I qualify as a New Delhi native. I am a dyed-in-the-wool romantic who adores travelling. Almost anywhere will do, but nothing gets my pulse racing like night life in streets, authentic cultures. About four years ago, photography became an integral part of my travel. Whether on the far side of the planet, or on the streets of Delhi, capturing the moment, nailing that perfect shot (I haven’t yet, by the way), has become an addictive artistic challenge and a new kind of adventure, all in one: My day job revolves around communications, client meetings, sales presentation and technical support. My dream is to become independently wealthy and travel 24/7. Until that happens, I’ll travel when I can, and take pictures along the way. Cheers ! Rahul
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