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Rajpal Singh

location iconNahan, Himachal Pradesh, India
Whenever I travel, I come few steps closer, and get to know little more about myself. Nature, Wildlife and Culture in the given sequence defines the journey that we are a part of. Though these seems to be just three words only, however they define what we are and what we may be, and what we will be. Whatever way we try to explore these three words we find they are intertwined and inseparable. While in journey of exploration of these, we earn experiences, which may be good, better or the best. There is saying that life is too short and one should learn from others experiences, which is true if we confined ourselves to just breathe. If we start thinking about living the moments then the statement is partially true as we can’t live others experiences. In that situation we need to come out of our comfort zone, or rather being as a traveler I should say we need to get in to our comfort zone and go far, because by doing so we come close. I believe this is about the point of reference. If we keep this point of reference static, we always go far, but if it is dynamic then by going far we come close.