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Rakesh Rajan

location iconChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Live n let live.. A phrase that has become a motto of my life over the years! A complete music freak I spend most of my time listening or playing some music.. By playing i mean on the flute.. An ardent fan/follower of AR Rahman for his music and his humane qualities (which is one of my biggest inspirations for life), I love to travel and explore the world around me. I've traveled extensively across the country (except North East and some parts of North), one of my biggest passions over the last few years have been to get out there and lead a life free of any dire attachments or big commitments! I've been a spiritual seeker all my life (since my school days when I realized there is no God outside of us, all that we look for outside is inside of us), the passion for travel and music grew my stride towards spirituality to a higher level. As Universe would have it, the Art of Living came by as a means of quenching my spiritual thirst. An event manager by profession, I love to show new places and new experiences to unassuming people and thus spreading joy and making them realizing that there is more to life than just life in the city. I trek often and make it a point to break free from the concrete city jungle every once in a while. A photographer by passion (GoPro right now), I click occasionally these days, but keep it going in a small way. A lover of all things simple, I believe that life is extremely simple when taken as it comes, having no prejudice or no judgement on anyone or anything. Living in the moment is what life is all about and that is the only way to attain the goal of life, which is nothing but Happiness!