Nice, France
Bonjour ! Well not that easy to make a choice… What tells the most about a guide is the reason why he chose this job, and they're plenty of them. Mine is simple, I'm a "France lover". I'm in love with my country for the good and for the bad, and it's something I always wanted to share with the people who visit us. Hearing about Rembrandt is boring, but listening to someone who loves Rembrandt, that's interesting. My goal is not to to make you love France the way I do, but to make you understand it in order to turn your day into something you will not forget. My idea of guiding is based on three principles : - Offering you all the elements and the informations that will give you the possibility to understand and appreciate what you see. - I draw my tours around a "green line", a link that will keep the tour united despite the variety of sites we discover. I choose a "line" which is adapted to you and your type of interest. - I don't imagine a day tour without laughing, this is not school, you're on vacation ! It's been 13 years that I provide tours on the French Riviera and in Provence. I have a degree in History from the Sorbonne university (Paris) and one in political science from the Panthéon-Sorbonne university (Paris). I became a National Licenced Tour Guide and Lecturer at the Nice university. Like every guide I have my fields of interest, which are jazz, marathons (and trail running), food, roman history and panoramas, I love to discover new spots and I know some of the most secret and spectacular ones where I can take you. The program of each tour can be adapted to your wishes, I do give you suggestions, but it remains a tailor made tours. It's important for me to remain flexible for you. Pick up can be made at your hotel or residence (in any city of the French Riviera), or from your port of call (Villefranche, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Toulon, Marseille…) I use a luxury 9 seater Mercedes-Benz Vito (8 pax), with A/C front and back. A bientôt. Michel
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