Photo of Anindita Das

Anindita Das

She is the meaning of contradiction. The perfect biryani of extroversion and introversion. Hyper sensitive and lazily hyperactive. Don’t ask me what that means. She doesn’t like too many changes yet anything monotonous irks her. She keep dreaming and procastinating her dreams all at once. She might be a die hard romantic, but again that is hardly visible. She is really a simple girl, it’s the world around her that makes her complicated. She also happens to be an idealist and a cynic at the same time. Strange combination did you say? Tempermental, moody, passionate, fun and basically of the unclassifiable nomenclature. She is an advertising copywriter but is frankly capable of doing just about anything else. She also claims to be an arm chair philosopher, a part time back packer, an amateur photographer, a wannabe cook and an on & off blogger. That’s just about the beginning. Don’t worry if you are confused, knowing her is not so simple. Keep trying though.