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Rishabh Shukla

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I am a 29-year-old chap who loves to travel, an engineer by education. It feels like yesterday when I managed to graduate somehow. Can't specify lower or upper but I belong to a middle class family. Next task was to get a job and what to say my working life began sooner then expected. And I became an IT guy. My love for travel that to on two wheels and the hobby of spending time with nature to capture its serene beauty started when I went clueless bout what should be done with my spare time post working hours. So bought a bike and went out places; from that very moment there was no looking back. Benefits of job in IT were amazing but the fact which going against me was leaves. Year by year the number of kilometres kept increasing but leaves were consistent. I tried to pursue a job to earn my bread and yes the try was a real hard one coz my first job lasted 6 and a half years. Dissatisfaction came as an outburst and I quit to begin what I wanted in life. Finally I gave up on my job and now I am out for thrill. Meeting new people, Making Friends, Exploring the unexplored, Taking others with me on these rock-n-rolla adventures; this is what I do now... For updates on where am I heading and who all are going out with me this time follow me on: for any queries write to me at: