Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Well, I eat,I drink,I sleep & I repeat these everyday to live. And I work for one of the biggest IT company to earn my living. "To Travel, to explore, to get lost in the woods." Well that's my passion. I would love to quit my job, where I eventually make money for somebody else. I would like to live on my own terms. But, for a guy, who belongs to a middle class family like me, its tough. We usually to plan our tomorrows, before yesterday. But I often do get out my daily schedules, get on running train, end up some where I never planned to. I'm a not a planner by definition. But, most of my travels are well planned. I love mountains. I love travel to places solo. But, I never leave my house without my music player & my headphones. Music is probably the best thing, that happened to mankind. To me, mountains are bliss. To me, the feeling of being lost is enough. I like to explore new places, new cultures. One day I would love to become a travel journalist. Till then, will share my trips. :)
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