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Hello everyone!!! Everybody has a story but few are the fascinating storyteller. Let me be that fascinating, intriguing and thrilling storyteller for you. In heydays of my recently married parents, I was born as their first biological offspring on 20 August. We cry when we are born and the people laugh, live your life in the way that when you die you laugh and the world cries. That’s my mantra. Apart from being informed who my parents are, I was also informed of my birthplace i.e.Jhumka city of U.P. (please see the Map if you have not studied/forgotten geography). To the world I am known as Noopur with a Singh. That is my identity on PAN card, Voter-id, Passport, Aadhar, etc. With Singh don’t be stereotype and think me as Punjabi. Though with looks you are allowed to generalise and think me as Punjabi. Yes, I am aware of my beauty. Thanks to my parents. But I am a Rajput and a fighter. You can still find some swords in my home though I haven’t used it. But more importantly I am a proud INDIAN. My name means Ghungaru/Payal/Pajeb. I have a sweet voice like ghunguru too. But trust me I am the exact opposite of what my name is. Shy & introvert and creative & inquisitive. A shy person writing a blog, that’s courage. Coming to my love which is painting, sketching food and travelling. Well I love fine things in life. Painting is something like meditation for me, the feeling of creating something cannot be expressed in mere words. My inclination towards Indian art and its culture, its festivals and music, makes me a travel enthusiast. It’s my dream to explore my country to the maximum. Saying few things about my education, I am an ACCIDENTAL Chartered Accountant and good with numbers. But I don’t intend to make my bread and butter through using my skills as CA. Rather I seek to learn something new and unconventional. I forgot to tell you that I have also prepared for UPSC, but after absorbing all the knowledge which it had to offer, I am out of it now. So that is it about me in brief. Won’t make you sleepy here. Go ahead, follow me on tripto and on Instagram @rovinglegs and I promise to share with all my friends lots of interesting and unknown things which will inspire you to be what you really want to be. Don’t hesitate to message me or email me for any reason you may deem fit.