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There is not much about me to be shared or to be divulged.Being born in the hills perhaps has done the trick for me I guess,my love for the mountains.I am from the Northeastern state of Assam:but have been away from home for the last ten years making me a bit of an urban nomad. Evolution had changed the way human beings live.Over the centuries we have migrated from one place to the other for survival, for a better life but the quench has never been and will never be fulfilled as our evil desires are perpetual.Living amidst the concrete jungle I always have the strong yearning to run away from human habitation in search of something I liked to call "inner peace".The wanderlust in me has taken me to a few places across this incredible country yet there is still a long way to go.....and as I explore places...i would like to share those journeys. One of the best quotes that always inspires me "Never ending interesting journeys that take you places, shouldn't that be life".