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Sampada Rao

location iconBangalore, Karnataka, India
Hello there! My name is Sampada. Born and bred in the city of Bangalore, witnessing and celebrating the transition from its reputation of a garden city to a pub city! My dream like many others' is to travel all over the globe. And I've made a start. I've lived with local tribes in the remote jungles of South India, hitch-hiked along Cambodia's countryside, taught English at a school in Bali, journeyed along the great plains of South Africa, worked on the remote island of Curacao, exchanged war stories with Burmese soldiers as they sat drinking in their local bar; the list goes on. The thing that tops my list, however, is the great wilderness that my exploratory trips offer. I could move a mountain just to get a glimpse of that one bird, I could wait hours just to listen to the subtle noise that a leopard makes as it walks, I could stay put in one place all day to hear a tiger call, or travel all the way to Gujarat - the last foot holding of Asiatic lions in the world, walk that extra mile to experience the bio luminous fungi that illuminates the forest floor. Follow me, as I, juggling between a day job and a passion for travel, share some of these enthralling travel tales with you. Hoping to inspire you all to explore the world no matter whatever the heck it is that you are juggling with ... Feel free to cnnect with me here :