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Saransh Gupta

Been brought up in a Baniya family where money is the idol, I grown up to be the one to change the rules of the game. Product Manager by profession, family & friends oriented person, risk taker, love to try out new things be it - food, routes, clothes, brands etc etc to decide, the best drives me everyday. I am not an avid traveller but when I do, its planned most of the time and never been a disappointment. A trip/6 months with comfort travel and accommodation is preferred over frequent ones. My daily routine involves morning gym, drive to office, newspaper reading, watching TV, series, movies; zumba & swimming at weekends, playing guitar (amateur level). The urge to visit new places, experiencing new things & adventures is the one thing I look for. I can't stick to one brand, one eatery place but like to explore if anything else has better to offer. I believe in good timing, bit of beforehand planning and relying on people more than Google still.