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location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
27 years old Travel lover & YouTube vlogger, stuck in 9-6 IT job but happy to follow the dreams. Watch my videos and follow me on YouTube channel: TheRockingSarvesh The purpose of my vlogs is to show people how money doesn't matter that much for traveling, what matters is a proper planning. Being economical backpacker, I always plan all my trips by myself(no online packages ever, they cost double). I have travelled down below mentioned countries and islands in highly low price: 1-Malaysia and Bali(Indonesia)- 38k INR (2017) 2-Andaman Islands(5 islands)- 17k INR(2018) 3-Sri Lanka- 23.5k INR(2019) 4-Thailand 5-Singapore(2017) 6-Vietnam , Cambodia & Malaysia together-2020 (60k INR) <> The peaks I conquered till now: 1-Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka(5th highest in Sri Lanka)- 7359 ft 2-Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia(Active Volcano)- 5633 ft 3-Sigiriya, Sri Lanka- 1144 ft