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Hey there! My name is Tanayesh , a passionate traveler & photographer who has been exploring the world for over 7 years. During my weekdays I make a living on Internet, Mobile Apps & Implementing latest technologies. I have been travelling the world for a long time , however every time I wanted to travel to a new place I could never find out all the information I wanted to make my trip a memorable one. There are blogs or websites which talk about travelling on a budget , however most of these sites don't provide a detailed cost or itinerary. I found there is something which is missing and which arised the need to share detailed itineraries , tips and cost to the people who wanted to travel the world on a budget. My experiences say that to make memories while travelling and to find that beautiful place in an unknown destination you don't have to splurge. The idea of starting a blog about my travel journeys came in May,2016 while travelling to Turkey specially Cappadocia. I was searching for a cave hotel to stay in Cappadoccia and whatever I found on internet was too expensive for my budget. After searching for 2 days on the internet I found a hotel named Shoestring Cave House. It was within my budget , it looked good in the pictures and I booked it skeptically keeping my fingers crossed. On my flight to Cappadoccia people were talking about how much they had paid to book a Cave Hotel and all were beyond my budget and I thought to myself, my hotel will be a bad one as the price was much lesser than normal cave hotels. I checked in to the hotel and to my surprise it was the perfect cave hotel and infact much better than other surrounding hotels which were selling rooms at a premium. Thus from the hotel " Shoestring Cave House" the idea of blogging about my travelling experiences on a budget was born and hence the name Shoestring Travel. I feel happy when people plan to travel the world without thinking about how much money they have in the bank. I met people who left home with just $500 and dreamt of travelling the world. The dream of travelling the world shouldn't be curbed by the balance in your bank. I will help you to make travel memories on a budget by sharing easy DIY itineraries, useful travel tips, fun videos, amazing photography, and memorable experiences all in a Budget. I want to show you how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open your mind to new possibilities. Most Important Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Number of Countries I’ve been to: 19+ Favorite Destinations: Egypt, Italy, France and Cambodia Top 5 Destinations I Want to Visit: Hawaii, Iceland, Brazil , Argentina and Sweden