I love going to places, rather going to new places. I have something with the mountains because anything with a small semblance with the mountains makes me super happy! :D I am a planner. You will always find me looking up for places to explore and eventually ending up with great itineraries . I just don't make great itineraries, I actually land up in all those places much to my delight. Until now I have succeeded in my motto of "explore one (or more) new place every year".I don't mind travelling alone but companions are always better and, I am fortunate to have an equally travel-o-holic husband to go crazy with! :D I am one crazy person who can take the most crowded bus/train to reach 'that' place I wish to see. Figuring out what place to explore, as we speak.. :)
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  • Nature
  • Culture
  • City Travels
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  • Beach Holidays
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