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Sixty and Travelling

location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
"Age is just a number" "Life begins at Sixty" "Live on your own terms" ....All of us have heard these motivating quotes some time or the other. We, senior citizens, decided to put these in practice. How? By following our shared passion, TRAVEL. So, here we go! Through Sixty and Travelling , we intend to unleash our long-held passion for travelling -- one of the best antidotes to boredom, lack of newness and all that, at times, associated with life beyond Sixty. We strive to take you along in this journey of discovering new places, cultures, practices. Hope you enjoy this journey, and feel charged up enough to undertake your own! Starting this week, we will share a video every Sunday. Please like, comment, share, subscribe and engage, and become a part of our journey. YouTube -