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Sole Vita has an honor and a pleasure to invite you to take an exciting tour over Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a destination with a wealth of natural attractions, historical buildings, monuments and cultural heritage. A complete and unique destinations like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva in a every sense of the word and, of course, an ideal destinations for travelers with fun activities and ancient sites for imaginative theme events. Travelers are looking for more and more dimensions of adventure. Adventures can be tailored to suit your requirements, whether spending a day time over Samarkand’s vast array of ancient landmarks and monuments, or enjoying a delightful dinner in the National house, or taking a jeep safari to explore picturesque desert, or rafting and kayaking in the Chatkal river, or visiting the exciting ancient cities of Bukhara and Khiva. Sole Vita offers a wide range of tour programmes catering for your needs. In short Sole Vita’s objective is to provide you with a diverse selection of holiday experiences, and be there for you. Indeed, Uzbekistan, more than any other destination, holds something for everyone. In a land where adventure awaits, Sole Vita’s experience and knowledge makes all your travel arrangements possible, in a most exciting and rewarding way.