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Dear all, myself Preety Mishra, a faculty by profession, a solo survivor by nature. I don’t need another’sassurance. I make big bold decisions every single day and enjoy every second of my life. A true nomad who’s broken free from the shackles of the society and dare to march to the beat of my own drum. To share my travel stories I decided to create my profile here and decided to share my solo/group travel stories. A very warm welcome to all here on my profile. This profile is meant for all the solo survivors who are living their life on their own terms and conditions, breaking all the stereotypes and setting their own examples in front of the world. Don’t tell me how much educated you are, just tell how much you have travelled. If you are waiting for someone to travel and live with, you may end up waiting a life time. Let someone fall in love with your spirit, the real you. Don’t afraid to share your experiences whatever is it. There is a big world out there, do not have to stuck in your tiny corner of the planet . You do not need ask for permission, or wait for someone to tag along. Go seek adventure and see who you can become and let us know your way to tackle the hurdles. Join me on insta @preety.mishra143