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Sonam Singh

location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
Hi fellow travelers, Being the explorer (which I have nicely specified as my personality here!), I leave no holiday or a chance to not book a ticket and go somewhere. I am a full time Ad Strategist and play a lot of part time roles - candid photographer, book hoarder, an amateur artist, daydreamer etc to name a few. Experiencing different cultures and places is something I imbibed since childhood. Enthusiastic about meeting locals, capturing memories and sharing the stories, I was inspired to curate such experiences in my travel blog "The Transit Story" . Transit is my favorite word - have heard it so many times from my military dad staying in "transit camps" and reciting his adventurous tales. For me transit is to move & halt at the same time. Halt to absorb what's around you and being ambitious about the many things in store. Please follow my insta handle - "the_transit_story" and do write to me if you love my stories! Let's explore!