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Hello! We’re Abhinav and Marissa, the creators behind Spice and Travel. Seven countries and countless homemade Indian dishes later, we decided to document our trips and tasty food creations to share with friends and family, or whoever may stumble across our page.We are here to share our very best travel and Indian cooking tips with you. We both have backgrounds in the travel industry, so naturally travelling together has always been a given. But we also love trying our hands at new Indian dishes in the kitchen. Abhi comes from India and is quite an astonishing cook. He enjoys recreating his favorite dishes from home and believes that the trick to good Indian cooking comes from an understanding of each spice and flavor that goes into a dish, hence the term ‘spice’ in our name. Marissa, on the other hand, loves to capture experiences abroad through writing and photography. Putting our love for culinary and global exploration together, we came up with Spice and Travel. We hope you can find some inspiration in these posts and learn something new. Safe travels and अपने भोजन का आनंद लें . -Spice and Travel