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srivatsan sankaran

I am Srivatsan Sankaran hailing from Chennai, India. I am Engineer by education but a die hard Photographer by passion. I have been pursuing my passion for the past 6 year. It began with Sony DSC-S600 and used it for landscape, portrait, etc.After 3 years, i transitioned to Nikon Coolpix and used it for 6 months. I learned a lot through a dedicated lifestyle for understanding the very nuances of photography. My primary objective of photography is bringing out a sense of union with Mother Nature, and a sense of singularity with people. Exploring and experiencing the new places to capture people’s life style, culture and tradition in the sincere way bring immense happiness to me. Over the years,ventured into commercial photography.Since i always believe in shooting in a natural way, it helps me to bring a kick start in candid shooting. I am strongly believing myself to venture into commercial shooting since i am so passionate about it ” The art of producing extraordinary image depends on the how deeply you are passionate about it.”