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If you don’t like reading much, then in short, just like a few others do, you can call me motorcyclist, rider, wildlife photographer, tourer, animal guy, birder, #goescrazyaroundmountains, speed freak, always thirsty for chai guy, grease & oil rider, short guy looking like an owl or most importantly- UTOPIAN. Just to help you out, Utopia is not a place in Africa, it is farther than you would’ve actually thought of. Ask Google for more now. If you don’t mind reading a bit, then I’m one of those people who suffers from a hell lot wanderlust and hence my habitat consists of rivers, mountains, valleys, beaches, tigers, owls and hairpin turns. Not really. Actually, those are natural assets that I mostly dream of when I’m devoid of them. They are on my mind most of the times when it isn’t occupied in trying to analyze whether a certain woman would be an ideal match for me or not, but when these heavenly bodies are on my mind, I always say something to myself.. something like… “Don’t just rot your ass there, GET RIDING YOU BUM!” I believe that life which is full of routine, extremely disciplined and highly organised and life which gets disconnected from the vast natural wilderness is no different from those machines processing TV boxes alongside a conveyor belt. Coming back to my habitat, I feel very lucky and fortunate for having such an interesting surrounding where I spend most of my time during the day, confined to desks, computers, lifts, ID cards etc. And No! I don’t have a split personality, just being sarcastic about my weekday habitat. In short, I try my best in getting my dose of that natural stuff in 2 days, that I would’ve otherwise got on the remaining 5 days but we’re all run by the system that runs, and is run by green paper with some numbers on, oh yes that paper comes in red and brown too, not very colorful though. A certain type of history that freaks people out like alien abduction, UFOs, ancient technology that beats today’s fighter aircraft interests me and I do not have the slightest clue as to why I am inclined towards this ‘forte’. I do manage to find some place and time for myself everyday though, helps me connect with myself and it helps boost creative thinking. In fact everybody can get this moment of solitude in everyday life, but I won’t be able to help you if somebody like my mother in my case, whom I respect the most knocks on the door saying that I’m late to office and that alert suggests I’m done with defecating and I must immediately get off the throne. BTW, I’m a 23 year old wandering male named Ssaajan Manoj Jogia from Bangalore city, India. Damn, that’s quite a write up, isn’t it. Ah, My mind just said it again “Get riding you bum!” :)