Photo of Stefania


My name is Stefania. I grew up in a small village an hour away from Venice, in Italy. I studied foreign languages at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, where I lived for some years. I have a great passion for travelling, and I often do that alone, using public transport, sleeping in hostels, couchsurfing and organizing my own trips. On my bucket list there are hundreds of items, but the countries I'd like to visit the most are India, Morocco, South East Asia, and last but not least Mexico and Central America. In May 2014 I fulfilled one my travel dreams and travelled solo to Morocco. Mine will be an Italian perspective on travelling to destinations both near and far. I am also really fond of my country, Italy. It's really a special place, with so many places to explore and people to meet. I also hope to share "insider tips" on visiting Venice, because I care about my town and I think it suffers from superficial tourism.