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Sumit Samant

location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
Even though I'm not perfect, there's alot in me. A beating heart, breathing lungs nd a mind so remembering. I don't show my true self cause I am scared. My hearts taped up, I can't afford it to tear. I'm a good person, I know I am, I would rather offer a hug than a shake of the hand. I'm amazingly strong when it comes to romance, But when I feel like I'm close, reality kicks in nd there's no chance. I open my heart to those I see different. I try not to cry when serious situations come to mind But I'd rather open up then keep my feelings locked inside. I love to smile. I know my smile lights up the room nd makes the moment worth it. I know I'm beautiful. I'd rather keep my eyes closed then worry about the little things. I'm much more than what others believe, I'm an over acheiver when it comes to my dreams. My life is a journey.