Photo of Sunayana Senapati

Sunayana Senapati

Hi, I’m Sunayana I’m a communication specialist, dreamer, nomad and travelholic and I am from India which is one of the most beautiful and diversified country with so much heritage and culture that I can never be proud enough. I do love my work life but I also have an insatiable desire to become a full time wanderluster. I have been off and on jobs and have been traveling independently, with friends and family around India, and did a bit of Europe and US too. I often share my tips and experiences whenever I can for traveling and how to work with travelling to inspire as many as I can to travel more too. I do not travel with a checklist or like to rush between the famous touristy sights ticking off a bucket list. I like to travel slow, experience, understand and immerse myself in different cultures and to learn from them. I am open to things and mostly spontaneous, I love walking in the streets and lanes and discover the unexpected and more often they become the highlight of my trip. I love the planning, the anticipation, the journey. For me, travelling is liberating as I experience different cultures, learn something new, change perspective and it helps me grow as a person :)