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Sunil Raman

location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
I am a journalist, author, Cambridge and Fletcher scholar, big time foodie, politics afficiando, Indophile, and more relevant to all, a history and heritage buff. After over 20 years of pursuing a journalistic career with some of the leading media organisations in India and the world, BBC World Service, The Economic Times and CNBC TV, I decided to hang my boots on turning 45 but only to make time to pursue my other passions. As a political risk consultant and joint author of Delhi Durbar 1911-The Complete Story, I was finally able to make time to follow my heart. I wanted to share my love for history and heritage with different sets of people. In my walks there will be no history lesson, no information that you can google. I am a global citizen in a local environment. As we walk we talk history, politics, architecture, music and culture. And, taste kebabs in Karims or kachodis in ChandniChowk. We don’t look at buildings in isolation to their surroundings and the period when they were constructed. We place monuments and people in global context, and don’t seek to judge them by present standards. That allows us to appreciate them and their times much better.