Photo of Sunita Dugar

Sunita Dugar

location iconChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
A Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of #RoamBabyRoam, Drove from #Kanyakumari to #Kashmir on a #SelfDriven #Road #Travel #Trip ..A maverick A path breaker. She beleives ...if you put your heart and mind to something, willing to work hard and are persistent, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Always brimming with enthusiasm, ever ready to sit behind the wheel and drive anywhere in the world – Her laughter is contagious and rubs off just when you need it most. In times of need Sunitha is the most dependable person around, you can run to her for anything.Be prepared to tune in for some of the most funny stories of adventure experiences, shake your leg to your childhood favorite music at midnight, go star gazing on an un trodden path, that is , if you still have energy left after an adventurous day solving clues. There is never a dull moment as her avid glance through her camera lenses captures it all.