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Surabhi Sinha

location iconNew Delhi, Delhi, India
Hey Folks, Writing has never been my forte. I am a 24 yr girl who loves travelling and exploring new places. Meeting people, knowing there culture, trying new food and inhaling the freshness and newness of different places has always instilled a sense of thrill and excitement within me. Through Tripoto i would like to try my hands on Travel Blogging. My Experiences and my Travelogue :) After 2 years of travel blogging, i would like to update this section. No, writing still has not been my forte but yes, i write what i feel. Each trip of mine gives me immense experience, it makes me alive. The feedback and responses which i get from people motivates me to keep writing. For me travelling is peace, it gives you happiness that is not temporary, but permanent. You tend to lose a piece of your soul at every place you visit. Thankyou for all the love and appreciation, i will try my best to update my blog regularly. Travelling to 74 countries before i close my eyes, is what i have dreamt of. I will always be looking forward to any of your suggestions or feedback. Thank You ☺