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Avid traveler, backpacker, amateur photographer, passionate biker, foodie. I don’t know if I will ever be an expert at any of them, but I definitely want to find out if I can! I’m looking to explore the vast unknown beyond the known and defined boundaries. What could be better than searching for the real Me, while satiating my bone-deep passion for travel?In the course of all my travels, I have evolved- from a cyclist to a biker, from carrying a point-&-shoot camera to a SLR, from walking on the beach to trek at Himalayas… Be it travelling by myself, or with like-minded people, I find a High… something that no amount of alcohol has managed to compete with. It’s like being on a rollercoaster that only goes up… and I don’t ever feel like getting off it.My Highway Stories are nothing more and nothing less than an honest and heartfelt depiction of my personal journey. So maybe, this is not the place for descriptions of destinations and "how-to"s as far as trips go. But it IS the place if you want to read about how my travel experiences have changed and continue to help me evolve into the person I really am.