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hi its me shraddha regmi from nepal . And i am a CA students . an i love to singapore . Traveling is a type of activity that everyone would love. It is an opportunity to release the stress from our daily life. Going to new places, learning about their culture, relishing their local food enlivens people. Whether it is a religious destination, or a hill station, traveling is one of the ways to break the monotony of life. Traveling opens a whole exciting, and new world that opens your inner strength, and provides an unforgettable adventure too. Where some people find packing things, commuting with public transport system, making travel arrangement etc. a daunting task. It leaves people tired. For others, traveling is a very refreshing activity, that creates a lot of wonderful memories. Our world is a beautiful place, with full of amazing attractions such beaches, monuments, shrines, hiking, adventurous activities, wild life sanctuary, etc. Traveling to these places enriches our experience about different places in the country. In addition to enjoyment, it enhances our knowledge about different cultures, rituals, mannerism, language, dressing, and lifestyle of people. You get to know interesting nature, and vast cultural heritage of the world