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location iconHoi An, Cẩm Phô
I am the guy sitting next to you in a plane while holding tight onto the handrest - yes, I am a nervous flyer. I am the same guy who would participate impromptu in an adventure marathon without any training just out of pure excitement. Oh and if you see a guy who could walk the whole day around the city or elsewhere, that is me. Quit my high-paying corporate job at the age of 30 to start on my own life plans. Travel the world and help people - in trying to combine these two, I got myself introduced to cultural tourism by staying at a place long enough to understand the social dynamics of that place. I volunteer wherever I get an opportunity - whether it is at a turtle conservation center in Gili Meno or a community + environmental development project and English teaching at Masamba village in Indonesia. Aspiring to become a freelance travel writer and bring my stories to as many people as I can.