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Hello Ladies and gentlemen, My name is TEL and people called me (Mr Telephone) I’ve lived in Siem Reap city. I am generally a professional local Tour Guide and the Tour Operator in one of the Private company. I have been arranging tours and working as a tour guide since 2014, According to my over 5 years working as a tour guide and tour organizer I have found doing this job is fun, Wipe out at the same time! apart from that I like to share my local history, culture, tradition, religions. Being a tour guide is not easy job, but what make me curious about this job is to provide good service and good personality of being responsible as well as taking care of the tourists I tour, in another words I am doing my best to offer what Cambodia has to satisfy the clients needs. You will enjoyable get fun with phototherapy tour and relaxing unforgettable experiences to see Archeological sites, natural lake (Tonle Sap Lake), floating villages, Cambodian lifestyle, local market, especially you can enjoy to tasting with Cambodian foods in the village and there are many interesting places in Siem Reap.