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location iconDelhi, India
Visit Hi, we are Dr. Nishita & Dr. Siddharth. ​ You might know us from our Instagram Accounts - my_fernweh_soul & offbeat_trouvaille respectively, but let us give you an insight and tell you a bit more about the two of us. ​ We are college sweethearts, who dated for almost 9 years, and then got married! We are extremely gregarious and love making new friends. We are also proud cat parents of two fur babies, Whisky (female) & Pepper (male). Meoww..! Dentists by profession and avid travelers by passion, we try to strike a balance between work and travel. Like most people, we too have an extremely busy schedule, but that really doesn't stop us from following our dreams, doing things that we love and most of all, Travel! We strongly feel that in today's busy world, it's extremely essential to put yourself first, even when the work tends to take the front seat. ​ That NomadCouple was born from our undying love for travel! Nothing truly keeps us going than the very thought of travel! It makes us grow, it educates us, it makes us sane, it makes us human! Simply put, it makes us the people that we are today! ​ We feel extremely lucky to have met each other- two like-minded individuals who have always valued experiences over material objects. So, for our birthdays and holidays, our gifts are flight tickets to a new destination and believe it or not, the feeling is unmatched. ​ Traveling over the years has inspired us and helped us grow in many ways that nothing else does. We strongly feel that seeing the world is much more educational than a high school or college. ​ Through our blog, we intend to inspire people to travel unconventionally - ditch the typical tourist trails and leave your own trails. There is no greater joy than following your instincts and discovering some forgotten alleyways or a secret beach. We are sure, each one of us has some great stories to unfold. We would love to hear from you, your stories, travel questions, or just a friendly Hello! ​ Let's inspire each other and fuel our Wanderlusts..!
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